Stan’s Passover Project

Presenting “Behold the Lamb Messianic Haggadah” – a 24 page guide that can be used in family celebrations, bible study groups, churches and other gatherings.

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Stan has been privileged to preside over Messianic Passover Seders for over 3 decades.  Along the way Stan wrote a brief Passover guide for a three-fold purpose:

  • Provide a very simple guide on how to celebrate Passover for those who did not grow up Jewish or perhaps know nothing about Judaism or maybe don’t even know any Jews.  This booklet is designed to be a stand alone guide.
  • Preserve the authentic flow of a typical Jewish Passover Seder ceremony.  Stan grew up celebrating Passover and has compared notes with Jews from around the world as to how they celebrate the holiday.
  • Present portraits of Jesus (since Stan is a follower of Jesus); spiritual insights along the way which are typically found in the outer column of each page of the actual ceremony steps.

Behold the Lamb Messianic Passover Haggadah is available for $5.00 each.  We can discuss quantity discounts if you’re are interested.  Please contact us at for further details and ordering information.

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Thanks for your purchase and enjoy the booklet!

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