Don’t “Pass Over” Passover.

Read I Corinthians 5:6-8

Stan presiding over a Seder in Old City Jerusalem

Are you aware that our communion or Lord’s supper comes right out of the Jewish Passover?  If so, you’re ahead of the game.  If not, I hope this brief insight helps.

I’m about to enter my 34th year of presenting “Behold the Lamb” Messianic Passover presentations.  I’ve done these in churches, small groups, on the radio, etc.  The message of Passover is simple – Christ died for us, was buried and rose again!  (I Corinthians 15)

The Jewish Passover (as described in Exodus 12) has numerous elements in the celebration that have phenomenal spiritual parallels to Jesus as our Passover lamb.  In fact, it is amazing to think that as Jesus was celebrating His last supper He was actually observing the Jewish Passover with His disciples.  Many of the Passover truths being discussed as fulfilled in Jewish history find their greater fulfillment in Jesus.

Digging in to the fertile soil of the ancient land and writings.

In the middle of the ceremonial meal, the father who is presiding over the evening takes a piece of bread (called Matzah, unleavened bread) and the third of four cups drunk during the evening.  He passes out a piece of the Matzah to each of the family members as a way to describe that each must taste of this unleavened bread in order to enter into what it means to break away from the old life and enter the new life.  Next, he shares this third cup with each of his family members so that each can taste of this cup, the Cup of Redemption.

It was at this point that Jesus instituted what we now call the Lord’s supper.  He was portraying to His disciples that He was, in fact, the true Unleavened Bread of Life (John 6) and He, through His shed blood as symbolized in this cup, was providing redemption for all mankind.  Thus, Jesus changed forever the Jewish Passover.  Whenever you and I take of this bread and cup we are reminding ourselves of Jesus’ broken body on the cross and His shed blood for forgiveness of sins.

Applying these truths to your life right now: 

  • Read Exodus 12 and related passages to be reminded of the depth and breadth of this wonderful redemption story.
  • Recognize that it’s one thing to read about redemption through the Passover.  It’s another thing to actually experience it.  Have you tasted the forgiveness of sins Jesus provided through His death on the cross?
  • Do you have friends who are searching for truth?  Consider inviting them to a Messianic Passover presentation.  You might also take the knowledge you have and help them understand who Jesus is and how He wants to set them free from their sins through His forgiveness.
  • A helpful tool in the sharing of this wonderful message is my booklet “Behold the Lamb Messianic Passover Haggadah”.  Click on my booklet link on this site for order information.

To “pass over” these truths is to “pass over” the greatest decision this side of heaven.

Jesus Wants to ROCK Our World!

Read Mt. 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8

We had just finished a phenomenal moment near the Church of the Beatitudes (near the Sea of Galilee), the traditional site where Jesus gave the famous Sermon on the Mount.   A member of our tour group, a believer who is a well known soap opera star (you read it right!) gave a dramatic monologue of the sermon on the mount.  He captivated our hearts with his presentation.  (He has memorized, by the way, major portions of the Gospels and has created wonderful, dramatic monologues).

Digging around the fertile soil of the ancient land and writings.

Immediately following this momentous experience, we were asked to take a silent, meditative walk toward the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  We commenced walking.  I marveled at the beauty of the surroundings.  I observed so many places and objects that Jesus probably used as part of His object lessons in His parables – lilies of the field, stony ground, sparrows chirping.  The words of that Sermon rolled through my mind over and over again.

We all ended up at a place with a big rock and wondered why we stopped there.  Our tour guide explained that we were standing at the “traditional” site where it is believed Jesus gave the Great Commission.  Recognizing that many of these traditional sites may not be the actual place for a particular parable or event, nonetheless, the moment struck deep in my heart.

We just finished pondering the practical truths of the Sermon on the Mount, observed God’s beauty expressed in nature in that part of Israel and, whammo, we come to the rock that commemorates the Great Commission.  How profound and how appropriate!

We all felt a sense of a Holy hush, where God was speaking to us and saying, “Yes, you who hunger and thirst and are poor in spirit and meek – it is YOU that I want to use to spread my love, my truth, my gospel to the ends of the earth”.  It was like we were being recommitted to the Great Commission by God in that very spot.

(This is not the exact stone but a very close replica to the Great Commission stone.)

How can this apply to your situation today?

  • Revisit the words of the Great Commission in Mt. 28 and Acts 1.
  • Recognize that you don’t have to “arrive” at some level of spirituality to be used by God to spread His Word.
  • Recommit today to being available to God to simply speak in His name, in His love and with His truth.
  • Rejoice as you watch God use you perhaps in a deeper way than He has ever used you before.

Sometimes, the Great Commission is our great omission!