God’s Beautiful Embroidery Work

(Dedicated to those in the challenging arena of life issues.  You serve in Pregnancy Centers, counsel on sidewalks, speak up as  government officials, pray without ceasing.  As we finish January, Sanctity of Human Life Month, I wanted to chime in with one more reminder of why you do what you do and do it so sacrificially!)

Read Psalm 139, but especially vs. 15

Wow!  Pretty awesome and intricate embroidery example pictured above.  At first, I thought it was a painting.  But nope! It’s embroidery.   

Embroidery is quite the fascinating art form.  Take a moment and think about how detailed the work, how gifted the embroiderer, the plan in mind, the beautiful outcome that reflects the mind and heart of the gifted embroidery artist.

Thoughts about embroidery draw me back to the rich soil of the Old Testament to a place where we find a very interesting example of this art form.  Turn to Psalm 139:15. It would bless you greatly to read the whole Psalm today, to remind you of God’s care for you.  But, for this blog post let’s focus on vs. 15:

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.”

Did you catch it?  Skillfully wrought.  Some translations say, “woven together” or “intricately knit together”.  The word in Hebrew is Raw-kahm which means to variegate, mix colors.  Okay, I didn’t know what “variegate” meant either.  It’s the word used in the Hebrew lexicon.  Webster’s defines it this way –

to diversify in external appearance especially with different colors.

God chose such a marvelous way to have the Psalmist describe what every human being experiences – life in the womb.  We are told that in the womb we were intricately and beautifully embroidered with each passing day.  Wow!  What a picture! 

This truth was unbelievably driven home to me some years ago when I serving as head of a Pregnancy Medical Group.  One of our donors was a post-doctoral fellow with a major pharmaceutical company and served on the team that developed a well-known arthritis medicine.

We went to lunch one day and were chatting about life issues and particularly the awesome nature of ultrasound images.  During this discussion, he explained his work – microcellular biological research.  He made the comment that with today’s technology, he can see each and every cell.  Not only that but he can watch them in action – they know what they’re supposed to do; when they’re supposed to do it; with whom they are to interact, etc.

He went on to comment on how many of his colleagues around the U.S., many of whom are atheists or agnostics, are being challenged to their very core.  Could this embroidery, this intricate detail really be the product of evolution?  If not, is there actually a Creator of this whole picture?  If so, how would I find out who He is?

When one looks at an ultrasound image of a developing baby, you quickly recognize it isn’t just a mass of tissue without feelings, form or purpose.  There is a little life being formed in that womb – a life that is unique, intricately woven, filled with purpose and destined to make an impact on their world!

21st Century Applications?

  • Next time you are doubting that God cares for you, read Psalm 139, especially vs. 15.
  • Since God took time to intricately weave you in the womb, be encouraged that in your life right now, no matter what you are facing – God is intricately weaving all for good.
  • Contact your local pregnancy center and pray about volunteering, donating, praying for them.  Speak up for life, get involved at the polls, get informed, impact your world!

Your in good hands…with the Ultimate Embroiderer!

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