Talk About a Breath of Fresh Air…

Blog Post by Stan Kellner –

(Read Acts 2:1-12)

Some time back we were attending a music venue to hear some friends who are in a traveling band. The hall was packed, the A/C was broken, the music was blasting, the crowd was crazy.

At a certain point in the evening I just had to get away to take a break. I stepped outside and felt an instant revival as I breathed fresh air, got a bit cooler and was able to give my eardrums a break.

Have you ever been at a point in your life that things were just caving in around you and you knew you just had to get away? You make a decision to hop in your car, ride out of town and up a favorite hill overlooking the city. You either stay in your car or get out and walk. All of a sudden you stop and just take in the fresh air, the quiet, the peace. And soon, you feel a mini-revival taking place.

Let’s transport ourselves back about 2,000 to first century Jerusalem. Long story short, that area became a virtual pressure cooker for the early followers of Jesus. Think about the life they had with the Master and then having to witness His arrest, murder and crucifixion. Talk about needing a breath of fresh air.

One of the last things Jesus said to Him in His resurrected body and before ascending into heaven was to wait in Jerusalem so they could receive the Holy Spirit. But, how long were they supposed to wait? How was this going to happen? What would this mean in practical terms? Many questions left unanswered.

Along comes Acts 2 – one day as they were gathered, a monumental event took place – a noise like a mighty rushing wind invaded their atmosphere and tongues of fire rested on their heads. This was the evidence of the Holy Spirit coming to indwell the believers and give birth to the Church.

The word Spirit in its original Hebrew form, means “Breath or Air”. So, in essence, the Breath of God breathed on the believers and new power came upon them. The rest of the book of Acts describes how they went about with this new power doing miracles that pointed people to God and His grace and mercy.

So how does this apply to you as you begin a new year?

  • Are you in a tight place, feeling like you can’t breath? Your world falling in around you? Feel like you have no place to turn? Turn to God, the One Who will breathe on you and bring revival. (Psalm 46:1 can actually be translated, “God is our refuge and our strength; abundantly available to help in TIGHT PLACES.”)
  • Literally get away from your circumstances, as soon as you are able, go to some place secluded, reach your arms up and ask God to breathe on you in a fresh and new way. Receive His strength and power in a way you never have before.
  • Daily take in God’s “air” by spending time with Him – in His word, talking to Him, listening for His voice.
  • Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart does good like medicine”. Doing good like medicine brings forth the idea of taking a bandage off a wound so as to allow the fresh air to promote proper healing. As we take stock of 2010 and look toward 2011 maybe there are wounds in your life that you have covered over but actually need to be exposed to the breath or air of the Holy Spirit to promote full and complete spiritual healing.

Ah! Take a moment right now to breathe in the air of God’s love, truth, mercy and peace! Allow 2011 to be a year of healing and restoration in your life. I’m certainly praying toward that end.

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