In the Fullness of Time

(Blog Post by Stan Kellner –

Thought I’d add my two shekels of thought and insight regarding this awesome and glorious time of the year.  The outline below is from a sermon I gave at a church near Colorado Springs back in January 2009.  I kept this blog post simple.  Feel free to use these thoughts as a devotional around your tree, a basis for your personal meditations this week or as your sermon preparation for next weekend.

If you’d like to hear the sermon in its entirety, go to my website – – click on Teaching Samples page, pop some popcorn, fix a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate, sit back and enjoy! 


But when the time had fully come… God sent His Son, born of a woman…

to redeem those under the law…(Galatians 4:4-5)

Prophetic Timetable

Geographic Location

Spiritual Climate

Military Occupation

Economic Conditions

Prophetic Timetable  

Daniel 9:25-26

Isaiah 9:6-7

Micah 5:2

Isaiah 7:14


Geographic Location

Israel is a key crossroads by its very location, relating to trade routes, pilgrimages, etc.


Spiritual Climate

400 years of “silence” between Old and New Testaments

Greek and Roman influence oppressing Jewish faith expression and infiltrating Jewish life and beliefs

Darkness was on the increase (Is. 9:2)


Military Occupation

Israel became a Roman outpost (Pontius Pilate, a Roman, was governor of Israel – Matthew 27)

Herod was a puppet leader for Rome


Economic Conditions

Jewish Religious leaders were easily bribed by the Roman leadership.

Most everyone else was living a poor existence.




God’s Way versus Man’s Way

Herod’s Palace versus The Manger

Royal Robes versus Swaddling Clothes

Thousands of Lambs versus One Precious Lamb


Practical Applications

God’s timing is perfect – 1st Century

God’s way is perfect – Lowly Entrance

God’s packaging is perfect – Swaddling

God’s choice is perfect – Yeshua (Jesus)


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