Uncharted Territory

(Blog post by Stan Kellner – www.stankellner.com)

I crafted this blog at Starbuck’s in downtown Franklin, TN yesterday afternoon. Yup. You’re right.  We don’t live here.  What are you doing there Stan?

Good question.

We actually came down last week to attend a band friend’s wedding reception.  That was the only part that was planned.  Five days later we’re still here.

We had planned to leave by Sunday but we both felt we were supposed to stay here for a bit longer.  Why? – Uncharted Territory.

We went to an awesome church on Sunday and God spoke mightily through the pastor.  At the end of the service we were standing there and a very nice woman turned around to greet us.  As she mentioned her first name, we all simultaneously recognized each other. 

We had had dinner with her and her late husband and mother perhaps 8 years ago.  She asked if we had plans for lunch.  We said no.  As the conversation ensued, we agreed to have dinner together instead.

Then an unusually harsh snowstorm hit the Nashville area but we braved the storm to have dinner with our friend.  She asked if we wanted to stay overnight.  We decided to take her up on her offer and that is where we are presently staying for a few more days.  Again – Uncharted Territory.

Here’s a cool detail about this divine appointment.

What we didn’t know and what she didn’t know was this – I had thrown out a fleece Saturday night and basically asked if God wanted us to either leave after church on Sunday or stay overnight until Monday.  If a divine appointment happened at church that would involve lunch or dinner then we’d leave on Monday morning instead.

The other person, during the church service, felt a compulsion by God to invite someone to lunch, especially if this person was a visitor to the church.  So, she was our answer to prayer and we were her answer to prayer.  Too cool!

Consequently, we are here in the area longer than expected but, then again, nothing seems to be happening “as expected”, which is fine with us.  Uncharted Territory.

My point?


Scary – think of the explorers of old who had no clue what they would eventually discover.

Exciting – For almost a week every moment of everyday has been absolutely uplanned.  We’re going with the flow.

A God-Thing – Let’s face the wonderful reality – what is absolutely unknown to us is absolutely and fully known to God.  “He knows the way I take…” (Job 23:10)

So, as God has been working with me overtime regarding the Waiting Room concept, He now seems to be taking me a step deeper – my allowing Him to literally order each and every step I take.  “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (Psalm 37:23)

After 37 years of walking with the Lord, you’d think I would already be an award-winning “Stepper with God”.  But I’m not.  So, sue me.  (Tee Hee)

Finally, do we all have to leave our employment in order to experience what I’m experiencing?  Well, that is certainly one way. 

How about this – in our daily lives, our daily grind – let’s be willing to hear God’s voice then obey what He says – no matter how small or large that step might be and no matter how uncharted the territory might be.

Who says Star Trek has to have all the fun.  Let’s plan on going where no believer has gone before – into Uncharted Territory with God as our guide!

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