“Walking Holy of Holies”

(Blog post by Stan Kellner – www.stankellner.com)

Read I Corinthians 16:9

I’ll never forget the day…

I found myself standing face-to-face at the site I had longed to go to since I was a young Jewish boy growing up in the U.S. – The Western (Wailing) Wall.  My wife and I were on our first tour to Israel, back in 1997, and the first day we arrived in Old City Jerusalem a group of us quickly bolted to the Wall for a much anticipated awesome meeting with God!

I walked up to the Wall, began to pray, and strangely enough – nothing happened.  You might ask, “Stan, what was supposed to happen?” My answer, “I don’t know.  I just had the assumption that something magic would happen”.

Our tour guide, David, asked me later as we stood as a group at the Wall, “Well, Stan, was it an electrifying experience for you, since you are a Jewish follower of Jesus?”  I had to be honest and say to him, “No, not really”.  In fact, God showed me something special in that moment in time. 

I went on to explain how God spoke to me – not audibly but in my heart.  (I’m paraphrasing God)

“Stan, this is a great memorial by my chosen people of the place in which I had dwelt in the Holy of Holies.  But, Stan, as my son through faith in Jesus, YOU are now My Holy of Holies!” 

I explained to the group that all who are followers of Jesus are now “Walking Holy of Holies”.  In ancient times, all people who wanted to worship the One True God would have to COME to the tabernacle or temple.  But, now since we are the temple of the Holy Spirit (according to I Corinthians 6:19), we have been commissioned to GO TO the people, bringing God’s presence to them. (Mt. 28:20)

As I continue my job search, I’m in the middle of a three-week temporary role working in a warehouse setting.  I love what I’m doing, the people I’m meeting, the interactions I’m having.  Not to mention that I’m using muscles that I haven’t used in 20 years.  Oy Vey!

What an awesome reminder for me regarding the truth of this blog post. Everywhere we go – be it a music venue, Starbucks, in the classroom, in the workplace, shopping mall or neighborhood or even into the darkest parts of culture – the presence of God goes with us. 

Today, think about it:

  • You may be the only sense of God that someone in your life today may ever experience. 
  • Are you living comfortably in the proverbial “ivory tower” or “holy huddle” or are you proactively making inroads into the culture in which our Lord commanded us to go?
  • May the fragrant aroma of our love and sacrifice for Him waft over those with whom you come in contact today, tomorrow and the rest of your days.

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