Cracked Pots for Jesus!

(Blog post by Stan Kellner,

Read II Corinthians 4:7

As I peered into the case containing pottery that dated back to Abraham’s time (while visiting a pottery shop in Old City Jerusalem on one of our Israel trips), I became fascinated by one piece in particular. This piece of pottery had been broken and pieced back together.

The guide made the point that even with the best efforts of the potter, there were still unexpected cracks and crevasses that, if a candle was lit inside, would hinder the full light from going only through the top. In other words, whether the pot wanted it to or not, it could not control where the light was going to shine because of these cracks.

My mind quickly raced to II Corinthians 4:7 – “Be we have this treasure (the light of the glorious gospel) in earthen vessels, that the surpassing greatness of the power may be of God and not from ourselves”.

Wow! That moment was almost too much to comprehend. You and I are being referred to as earthen vessels. You might be aware that in the Greek this could also be translated, “cracked clay pots”? Before we get to thinking too highly of ourselves, God wants us to remember this key truth. He has placed this magnanimous, glorious, earth-shaking glorious gospel in us, not as beautifully fine-tuned vases and perfectly cast bowls, but rather in us, “Cracked Pots for Jesus”. What’s my take away from this?

  • Jesus has poured His life and truth in us. (That should be enough right there!)
  • We are to let His glorious light shine through us.
  • If we were perfect vases or bowls, we’d probably get the attention not Him.
  • Rather, we are earthen vessels, “cracked pots” so that people would see God’s power in us.
  • Since we are cracked by our very nature, we CANNOT control where and when Jesus light is going to shine into someone else’s life. Guess what? That way we can’t take the credit TODAY, fully embrace that you are a cracked pot for Jesus, one who has been entrusted with the very life and power of Jesus shining in and through you. Shine on, dudes and dudettes!

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