Mountain Dew…more than a soft drink!

(Read Psalm 133:3)

My wife and I lived for many years in Colorado, home to 52 “Fourteeners” (mountains that are 14K feet or higher).  We certainly took the view for granted some days but mostly appreciated the beauty of the area.

 We were wonderfully surprised on our first trip to Israel.  I studied about it since I was a kid, growing up in Conservative Judaism in the Boston area but nothing prepares you for seeing the real thing.

 One stop on our tour was Mt. Hermon.  We saw it in the distance and were quickly struck with the fact that we saw snow on top.  Wait a minute.  A snow-capped peak in Israel? The country that is supposed to be all desert (just like the movies portray). 

 Yup!  There’s even a ski-resort there that is open most of the year. 

Mt. Hermon is over 9100 feet high and because of the surrounding climate and low levels like the Dead Sea (1200 feet below sea level), a thick, puddly dew forms on the land that literally covers that part of northern Israel. The dew is so thick you can almost bottle it and sell it as the original “Mountain Dew”.

No coincidence that when the discussion of unity comes up in Scripture that a key picture that is painted to express the impact of this unity is the dew of Mt. Hermon (Psalm 133:3). 

What the psalmist is trying to say is this:

The experience of unity among God-followers is so impacting that those around us feel the impact, whether they want to or not.  Dew, by its nature, is refreshing, invigorating, life-giving.  The world in which we live day to day is dark and dry and longing to have their thirst quenched with that which lasts, not just the passing trends of the day or one-night stands, or the latest designer drug or the next great business deal.

God wants to use you – your group, your church, your breakfast buds – as dew-givers.  May the unity you experience through the power and presence of Jesus in your midst so impact those around you that they literally approach you for a drink! (c) 2010. all rights reserved.

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