About Stan

There is a thread that is sown throughout Stan’s career and personal life and, that is, his seasoned, effective and impacting speaking ability.  Stan has found himself in board rooms, local gatherings, conferences, seminars, individual engagements and on radio and TV.
He has hosted his own radio programs both in Colorado Springs and Seattle.  He has been a featured guest on over 300 interviews locally, regionally and nationally.  He has spoken in approximately 400 different venues such as the National Outreach Convention, Willow Creek Evangelism Conference, Interstate Batteries National Convention and a host of donor-related type engagements.

Key phrases that permeate Stan’s approach:

  • Communicate a vision that excites
  • Equip potential stakeholders to buy in to the impact
  • Be a change agent
  • Love people, love people, love people
  • Have fun and enjoy the process

Here’s what a few leaders have said about Stan:
“I have had the privilege of knowing Stan for many years. Stan is someone who engages his audience in an interesting and winsome way. Stan’s broad experience as a seminar speaker, Israel tour guide, platform speaker and pulpit guest makes him a wonderful resource.”
Jim Tomberlin, former pastor and founder of Multi-Site Guy

“His communication skills, humor and ability to speak on a wide range of topics are an asset in dealing with a broad audience. Stan is a compelling speaker with clear presentation and command of presence.”
Bob Grant, former talk show host on KGFT 100.7 FM, Colorado Springs

“Stan Kellner’s presentation is a strong combination of biblical illumination, historical information, and cultural education sprinkled with plenty of personal humor and wit. His teaching style affords his listeners the rare opportunity to really learn and have fun at the same time!”
Mark Mittelberg, former Evangelism Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church

For more information on booking Stan for your next local event, seminar, conference, or special gathering with a wide range of topics available from Rebranding, effective PR/Communications, Building Strong Boards to relevant cultural topics of the day including insights into the Middle East and Living Sane in an Insane World –
Contact us at stankellner23@gmail.com or call us at 719-272-1284.



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